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Anti-Flamme Herbal Relief Cream, 90g Tub - EBO-JAL90G
BakBalls, Firm, Black - BAK-BALLBLKFIRM
Dynamic Tape, Latex Free, 5cm x 5m, Beige Tattoo, 6 Rolls/Box - POS-DYNA5CMPL6
Dynamic Tape, Latex Free, 7.5cm x 5m, Beige Tattoo, 4 Rolls/Bx - POS-DYNA7CMPL4
Fixomull Stretch Adhesive Underwrap Porous Tape, 10cm x 10m, Roll - BSN-02037-00
Hypafix Non-Woven Dressing Retention Sheet, 10cm x 10m, Roll - BSN-71443-02
Leuko Premium Plus Sports Tape, Rigid, 38mm x 13.7m, Flesh Coloured, 30/Box - BDA-76015BOX
Metron Foam Roller, Full Round Foam, Large, 90cm L x 15cm dia, Blue Marble - CIB-PHYFOAMRLR
Metron SPT Rigid Sports Tape, 12.5mm x 13.7m, Flesh, 24 Rolls/Drum - PHA-METTAPE12.5D
Metron Therafix Underwrap, 10cm x 10m, Roll - PHA-METTHERAFIX10
Spikey Massage Ball, 10cm, Blue - MTT-AMASK1BL
Spikey Massage Ball, 7.5cm, Blue - MTT-AMASK1MRPB
TheraBand CLX 9 Consecutive Loops, Black, Special Heavy, Individual Pre-cut - PER-12775
TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops, Black, Special Heavy, 22m Roll/Dispenser Box - PER-12782
TheraBand FlexBar, Blue, Heavy - PER-26102
TheraBand Kinesiology Tape, 5.1cm x 31.5m roll, Beige-Beige - PER-12741
TheraBand Kinesiology Tape, 5.1cm x 5m, 6 Rolls, Beige-Beige - PER-12757
Metron Exercise Band, Yellow, Light, 25m - THA-METBAND25MYEL
Anti-Flamme Herbal Relief Cream, 450g Tub - EBO-JAL450G
Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel, 110g (4oz) Tube - PER-12651
Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel, 473ml (16oz) Pump Pack - PER-12657
Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel, 82g (3oz) Roll On - PER-12655
Chiropractic Headrest Paper Roll, 22cm x 31.8m, 25/Box - TID-980898
Fixomull Stretch Adhesive Underwrap Porous Tape, 15cm x 2m, Roll - BSN-02033-01
FlexEze Heat Patches, 10 x 13cm, 50/Box - PHP-XEZE
Metron Back Cushion - MET-BACK
Metron Fitness/Pilates Mat, 180cm L x 58cm W x 10mm H, Blue - CIB-PHYMAT
Metron Head Piece Sheets, Circle, 1000 Sheets/Box - YAN-METHEADCIRCLE
Metron Head Piece Sheets, Plain, 1000 Sheets/Box - YAN-METHEADPLAIN
Metron Head Piece Sheets, X-Cut, 1000 Sheets/Box - YAN-METHEADX-CUT
Metron Lumbar 4" Roll - MET-LUMBAR
Metron Lumbar D-Roll - MET-DROLL
Metron Pro Tens Unit, with Timer and Carry Case - WEL-TPN200PP
Reflex Ball, 10cm, Blue - CIB-PHYREFBALL10
Reflex Ball, 6cm, Orange - CIB-PHYREFBALL6
Reflex Ball, 7cm, Green - CIB-PHYREFBALL7
Reflex Ball, 8cm, Yellow - CIB-PHYREFBALL8
Reflex Ball, 9cm, Red - CIB-PHYREFBALL9
Spikey Massage Ball, 10cm, 24 Mixed Colours, Retail - MTT-AMASK1RP
Stretch Ranger Overdoor Shoulder Pulley - HAI-RANGER
TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap with Strap - PER-TP-RWW1
TheraPearl Back Wrap with Strap - PER-TP-RBW1
TheraPearl Face Mask - PER-TP-RFM1
TheraPearl Knee Wrap with Strap - PER-TP-RKW1
TheraPearl Neck Wrap - PER-TP-RNW1
TheraPearl Sports Pack - PER-TP-RS1
TheraPearl Sports Pack with Strap - PER-TP-RCS1

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